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Bode Frequency Shifter Wavefront Audio

B O D E   F R E Q U E N C Y   S H I F T E R

The Bode Frequency Shifter modulates the entire frequency spectrum of a signal input

through the amount set manually and the added control voltage inputs.

Five different shift bands are available.

In EXP. position, a one volt increase at the control sum

doubles the amount of the

frequency shift.

The side bands, created by the Bode Frequency Shifter

would shift to the incoming audio signal.

In linear modes 4 different scales are available:
1. +/- 5Hz;
2. +/- 50 Hz;
3. +/- 500 Hz;
4. +/- 5 KHz.

These scale positions go through zero shifting.

It's a REAL one!


WaveFront_Audio BODE FREQUENCY SHIFTER: 1.700 euro (plus VAT and shipping)